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Andrew Simkovsky

Cloud / Data Platform Architect

Don't think what's the cheapest way to do it, or what's the fastest way to do it. Think "What's the most amazing way to do it" - Richard Branson

Hello, I'm a product engineering and cloud architecture professional. I have over 18 years of technology experience, including cloud infrastructure design, database development, and product engineering and delivery.

I tend to gravitate towards technology and projects that look to surpass the status quo and push the boundaries of what's possible. I quickly lose interest in the mundane, and take great satisfaction in designing and building elegant and sophisticated solutions. I truly believe that simpler is better, and that adding in seamless scalability, availability, and performance should be a necessity, not just "nice to have".



Teams Managed


Years Experience


Terabytes of Data


Concurrent Users


Designing and managing databases of all types and sizes. Relational, NoSQL, time series, and graph. Data in all its forms.


Pushing infrastructure into the clouds, where hardware becomes software, and dynamic provisioning empowers scaling.


Continuous integration and continuous delivery. Enabling new features safely with no downtime.

Technology Used

My Skills

  • Databases - 18 years
  • Cloud - 10 years
  • Virtualization - 12 years
  • Project Management - 17 years
  • Entrepreneurship - 10 years
  • Leadership - 20 years

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My Resume

  • Present
  • Honorlock,LLC

    Chief Technology Officer

    Drive all technology efforts of the company, including team building, software and infrastructure engineering, product management and launch. Bringing analytics and cloud-enabled technologies to the education space to improve academic integrity of online exams at universities nationwide.

    JUN 2019 to PRESENT
  • AAJ Technologies

    Sr Director of Technology

    Engineering director for over 150 engineering resources across local and remote locations. Practice manager for Funded Startups initiative. Lead organizational change to restructure engineering delivery teams into discipline-based Studios across multiple geographic locations. Directly manage multiple simultaneous projects across several key clients. Lead key R&D development initiatives, including blockchain, IoT, VR/AR/MR technologies. Extensive coaching and mentorship activities at both individual and team levels, including professional development, conflict resolution, and organizational culture challenges.

    MAR 2018 to MAR 2019
  • Independent Technology Consultant

    Assisting clients with technical and organizational challenges that keep them from being successful. Providing product strategy consulting, developing proofs of concept, building highly capable agile development teams, and providing solution architecture support. Engagements include cryptocurrency startups, large scale proofs of concept using cloud-based database systems, rearchitecting data solutions to grow and scale, and assisting with recruiting and retaining key engineering resources for high growth product rollouts.

    AUG 2017 to MAR 2018
  • JetSmarter

    VP, Backend Automation

    Democratizing private air travel through innovative technology. Automate all manual workflows and tasks for operational teams with a goal of reducing operational overhead and improve member experience. Collaboration across all key executive statekholders, including strategic direction and propritization. Build and lead engineering team through product development, testing, and release of all new features. Primary architect for back end cloud infrastructure to support business process automation mechanisms.

    MAR 2017 to AUG 2017
  • Carlypso


    Primary cloud platform architect for revolutionary online B2C channel for pre-owned cars. Research technology solutions to align with business strategy, and engage with engineering teams to solve challenging problems that arise from a robust data platform and a complex sales process. Contribute heavily to product management and agile development processes to improve and streamline product delivery.

    JUL 2016 to MAR 2017
  • Honorlock,LLC

    Chief Technology Officer

    Drive all technology efforts of the company, including team building, software and infrastructure engineering, product management and launch. Bringing analytics and cloud-enabled technologies to the education space to improve academic integrity of online exams at universities nationwide.

    NOV 2015 to JUN 2016
  • Ultimate Software

    Principal Platform Manager

    Plan the strategy of the company's cloud-based, multi-tenant platform. Define, envision, roadmap, and execute all platform initiatives to create shared / common core services and platform management components, with the goal to enable the company to accelerate SaaS product delivery up to 4x faster.

    NOV 2014 to NOV 2015
  • CareCloud Corporation

    Director of Engineering, Platform Services

    Redesign platform from monolithic architecture to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Engage at all levels of the organization to build consensus and drive results. Introduce enabling technologies for scaling, platform orchestration, and external integration.

    DEC 2013 to NOV 2014
  • Miniclip

    Database Manager

    Manage team and architecture to stabilize and scale entire database layer for one of the internet's most popular casual gaming websites, with over 70 million registered users. Supervise an international and geographically dispersed team. Played key role in architecting and migrating entire site platform from two mirrored physical data centers into the cloud in a single Amazon Web Services (AWS) region.

    NOV 2011 to NOV 2013
  • CEO / Founder

    Fusion Mobile Solutions

    Founder of mobile application startup company. Conceived, developed, and brought to market two full fledged mobile application products. Actively managed all aspects of company operation, including product development, financial management, marketing, and partner relationships.

    APR 2009 TO APR 2013
  • World Avenue / Q Interactive

    Senior Data Systems Architect

    Design and implement very large and complex technology platform using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Provide architecture and administrative support to existing production systems and complicated data replication mechanisms, while architecting new platform. Played key role in building proofs of concept, implementing prototypes, and performing load / HA testing.

    JUN 2008 TO NOV 2011
  • Glenridge Solutions

    BI Solution Architect / Database Developer

    Design and develop drop-in data warehouse reporting solution for Peoplesoft ERP installations. Implement historical data preservation mechanism to create snapshots of data at any historical point in time. Product is successfully deployed to multiple clients, primarily higher education institutions with large Peoplesoft Financials and Student Administration modules.

    JUN 2007 TO APR 2011
  • BeyondROI, LLC

    IT Director

    Manage all technology aspects within the company. Establish strategic vision for overall technology direction, then drive twoards that goal and measure successes. Ensure alignment between business objectives and IT strategy.

    JUL 2007 TO JUN 2008
  • Stonebridge Technologies

    Manager, Database Services Team

    Employed by Stonebridge Technologies, assigned to Calpine Corporation as manager for the database services team. Provide management and direction for the team in a very challenging technical environment. Transformed DBS team from a task-focused reactionary group, to a full-service, customer-focused responsive team. Increased system performance and uptime by over 300%.

    AUG 2006 TO APR 2007
  • AvMed Health Plans

    Lead Database Administrator

    Lead all database administration activities for the company. Establish baseline database management policies against best practices. Eliminate many single points of failure across environment. Played key role in upgrading aging Amisys system to supported version.

    JAN 2006 TO AUG 2006
  • World Fuel Services

    Manager, Database Administrator

    Direct supervision over database administration team. Supported large Oracle ERP implementation and several large databases that from the backbone of the company's main trading systems. Technical lead for Oracle ERP upgrade from 11.0.3 to 11.5.10. Bring all database environments into alignment with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) requirements.

    AUG 2003 TO JAN 2006
  • ChoicePoint, PRG (now LexisNexis)

    Senior Oracle DBA

    Manage and maintain data warehouse / search engine exceeding 20 terabytes. Database supported 10 business-critical applications accessed by hundreds of external users. Streamlined and automated massive ETL processes to reduce data capture, cleaning, and load times. Implement unique backup and recovery solutions to account for massive data files and specific recovery point objectives.

    JUN 2002 TO AUG 2003
  • Independent Oracle Database Consultant

    Various Clients
    APR 2000 TO MAY 2002
  • US Navy, Nationwide & Overseas

    Senior Non-Commissioned Officer
    OCT 1992 TO APR 2000

My Recommendations

What my peers are saying

"Few people have the ability to unite and move a team the way Andrew does. I reported to Andrew as part of a newly formed team that he formed and led. I was fortunate to see how he encouraged all teammates to put in the extra mile and developed each person's individual capabilities to support the team as a whole. Not only that, he helped impulse a development cycle that allowed our team to quickly and effectively resolve user issues and implement new features. He's an absolute pleasure to work with! Andrew is a great leader for any team, and a great mentor for engineers at all levels."

Carlo Mannino

Sr Software Engineer @JetSmarter

"Andrew is a true technologist. He is a very senior and experienced architect who knows how to build and scale systems. He can look at a problem, work through it and come to a usable, scalable and performance based solution. He can also execute through that solution making sure at each stage that quality is a main priority. I had the ability to work with, and watch Andrew work through some key platform issues and scaling challenges. He jumped right in and led the team to make usable solutions that would take the company to the next level in technology and scale. He got buy-in from all stake holders and worked toward a well defined plan of execution. In the end replacing out key services that all applications depended on."

Bryan Memmelaar

Head of Software Development @Becton Dickinson

"My experience with Andrew @ Miniclip was awesome. He was not only a manager but a mentor to his team and everyone around him. His knowledge and skills were more than enough to accomplish the goals and made the right calls to re-architect database infrastructures to keep up with the traffic growth."

Andres Barcenas

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer @Whoa.com

"I worked with Andrew on the implementation of Google Analytics. It was a superb experience... We had to take a hard decision on which tools to use... Andrew made key inputs to the final decision. He immediately understood the implications for the company and helped the leadership team make the right choice."

Sylvia Epaillard

Head of Products & Technology @Tamedia

"Andrew managed me for more than a year and I can say without hesitation that along with his top tier, seemingly limitless knowledge base he also knows how to manage people the right way. … He trusts his people, allows them freedom to work while willing to assist with questions at a moments notice."

Sean Del Prete

Owner @DBA Ninja

"When it comes to databases, Andrew knows his stuff. He's able to work under high pressure, on problems at high volume. His solutions are elegant, and always researched. I always learnt from Andrew, even on the simplest of tasks. He's a great guy to work with and is very easy to approach."

Kieran Allen

Director @KJATech Limited

"Andrew is a very professional and experienced DB developer, the real cream of the crop. Open-minded, experienced, eager to find reliable solutions... His advices helped us greatly. He is also a true leader, able to keep project running smoothly and in good pace."

Alim Gourtouev

Manager @Trazzy Entertainment Ltd

My Process

  1. Gather Requirements

    Look past the horizon to understand long term scaling needs.

  2. Design

    Generate initial architecture concepts.

  3. Prototype

    Build proof of concept and test.

  4. Iterate and Test

    Evolve the architecture for seamless scaling.

  5. Deliver

    Launch and monitor. Adjust as needed.

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